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Behavior Solutions for the Home and Community

Behavior Solutions for the Home and Community

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The Newest Companion in the Bestselling Series!

By: Beth Aune

If, like many parents of children with autism, you are tackling the job of raising your child on your own, Plan B: Parenting Solo With a Child on the Autism Spectrum is the resource you need.  Plan B will help you to make your own road map towards thriving while you solo parent. 

How will you explain divorce, separation, or death to your child with autism? 

How can you maintain consistency across two households? 

How can you adjust your budget and therapy schedule? 

What resources will you need?  

How can you build a new network of support?  

Plan B can help!  With interactive lists to help you to create your own emotional, practical, and actual Plan B, this book is the resource that every solo parent of a child with autism needs. Each child's journey towards adulthood and independence is unique.   As each concept is presented, worksheets are provided for practical application of the solid advice that will help you and your child to thrive.    If you are a single parent helping your child with autism on that journey, Plan B will help you to identify and tackle the unique challenges that you face. 

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