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Rainbow Kitty Pop It

Rainbow Kitty Pop It

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  • VERSATILE POPULAR POPPER. A great alternative for stress and anxiety relief. Improve your mood, restore focus, to get on with your day. Pop-pop bubble push fidget is great for kids, adults, the elderly to just about anyone. Also popular for people with special needs providing sensory interaction, and children trying to develop fine motor skills. Push’n pop is easy to use, just push down the bubble and you will hear a slight pop sound, this is great for decompressing and relaxing or as a game.
  • EDUCATIONAL & STRESS RELIEVER. An intelligent board game that exercises the brain. Sensory Fidget Toy is a game that can exercise and train children's and adults' mathematical thinking, reasoning strategy, planning ability, mental arithmetic, and logical thinking. It can be played in a variety of ways. Great family and friend’s enjoyment time.
  •  2 IN ONE GAME & FIDGET. Just press the bubble, it will make a slight popping sound, flip it to start the game again. It can be played alone, with a partner or the whole family. Pop it fidget toy is small and portable, easy to throw in a bag. It can be used for outdoors, long road trips, traveling, camping, restaurant, just about anywhere. Use it as a frisbee, throw and catch, great in the pool, also makes a good coaster to rest your cup on. Fidget toys have become a popular pass time.
  • QUALITY COMES FIRST. Made of food-grade silicone material. P.BA free. Excellent craftsmanship to last. The material is soft and easy to keep clean. Endlessly reusable and washable, (Just wash with dish liquid and rinse). A great home essential to even keep on the coffee table.
  • GIFT DESIGNS FOR EVERYONE. Great designs and colors to please everyone. 
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