"Soothe your senses with Senseez!"

by Marrianne Parkes on Aug 30, 2022

Senseez Vibrating Cushion

Vibrating pillows are an innovative way to help provide tactile stimulation. The pleasurable sense of vibration has many healing, relaxing, and calming effects for people of all ages, regardless of physical ability or sensory processing disorder. Gentle vibrations from the pillows will gently massage a number of areas of the body, offering a lot of soothing benefits.

These pillows are particularly loved by children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) and other brainchild processing disorders that impact the sensory system. Specially for the under-sensitive child, the pillows supply the required sensory input to calm and beat the system.

The over sensitive child may appreciate this pillow as a way to increase their tolerance to tactile stimulation. every human beings also utilizes this pillow to boost tactile tolerance in everyday routines. They are a practical method wherein specific areas of the body may be targeted to spark comfort.

The pillows can be placed on the affected muscles; neck, shoulders, hips, feet, calves, or back. It will help soothe tension and relax the entire body. While you rest on the pillow, the surrounding muscles will also release tension and relax.

Why is the pillow so well-liked?

Kids are absolutely fascinated by the sensations that the pillow has to offer! People find that simply being in the pillow's soothing vibrations and refreshing shapes are super good for their well-being. And the themes and images are so entertaining for everyone!

Has there been any research on the use of felt recesses to aid in calming the body?

Yes. Vibrational therapy has been used for many years in many different ways. Some kids love how this technique makes the body feel, while some children just enjoy how it makes their body feel! Senseez is proud to be the first to use these important notions to help children, teens, and adolescents in this way!

How does the pillow operate?

The pillow utilizes compression. When it's shoved or sat on, the vibrations begin. It requires two AA batteries (not included). It is fully portable

Where can I take Senseez Pillow?

It can be carried just about anywhere you go—at home, in school, at the library, on car trips, on planes, in restaurants, and even for the hairdresser or the dentist!

Is the pillow only for children suffering from disabilities?

No! While many children have the physical reflexes to appreciate soothing sensations, children of all backgrounds and skill levels can enjoy these colorful and fun pillows!

Is it recommended to sleep with this particular pillow?

The Senseez pillow was specially designed to be sat on or crushed. It is not recommended to use it like a head pillow.

The different types of Senseez we sell

  • Plushy Jelly
  • Bumpy Turtle
  • Furry Cow
  • Soccer Ball
  • Adaptable Flower
  • Blue Square

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