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Burning Bakery
Burning Bakery
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Burning Bakery

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Marcelo , our town's baker, has lost his 5 senses and can't go on making bread. Shall we help Marcelo to recover his -

Sight - so the bread doesn't burn
Touch - to knead the bread and make it spongey
Smell - so the bread's aroma can tell him that it's ready
Taste - so the bread is neither very salty nor very sweet
Hearing - so he can hear the ovens bell on time

ages 2-6 players 2-4

In Burning Bakery all the players Co-operate to achieve the objectives. Helps with the following skills- Memory, Reasoning, Spatial awareness, Imagination and Creativity, Co-operation and leadership, verbal expression and communication, Global motor skills, Emotions, Problem solving, literacy , vocabulary, STEM

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